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Northern Pole Dance consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced instructors. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Aimee Lawson

Managing Director/Principal Instructor


I’ve been pole dancing since 2005 and started teaching in 2007. I have a performance background starting with Ballet lessons from a very young age. I joined Youth Theatre in school and thoroughly enjoyed every performance. I left school and began a Performing Arts Diploma in College. I have been very lucky to have had such good instructors to help along the way and make NPD the Pole School it is today.

It was a huge boost for me to be recognized for my involvement in the Pole Community way back in 2010 when I was awarded a recognized Pole Instructor award. It opened many doors for me. I then went on to judge at many UK & International Pole Competitions including the World Pole Dance Championships in Budapest, the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships in London, Battle of the Pole in Sweden and The World Pole Dance Sport and Fitness Championships in Zurich. I have travelled across Europe and the UK judging many different Pole and Aerial Competitions. I have trained with some of the greatest Pole Performers in the World including Felix Cane, Nic and Zoraya Judd, Jess Leanne Norris, Bendy Kate, Sarah Scott, Alethea Austin, Michelle Shimmy, Rebecca Butcher, Anastasia Skukhtorova and Evgeny Greishilov, Daniel Rosen and more!

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Sisi Zheng



  • Sisi began learning dance from as early as 9 years old in China and this passion has never left her to this very day. She has taught and instructed others to achieve high standards as well as have fun, keep fit and stay sexy. This led her to take the bold step to open her own schools and has appeared on numerous national television shows within China displaying her talents and her students.
  • Sisi is qualified in Jazz Dance level 1-6. She has extensive knowledge of teaching Street Dance, New Jazz, Jazz Funk, Street Jazz, Power jazz, Hip-hop and Latin Dance. She has been teaching for over 6 years now. Her lessons consist of routines ranging from beginner level to advanced level both in terms of technique and choreography, at performance level. She is there to help you every step of the way and believes in a fun casual environment for her classes. Her lessons are great for keeping fit and will boost your energy like a work out in a fun way – best of all you won’t look like a fool in the night club and can strut your stuff with confidence and impress your friends and admirers.


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Den Smith

Flexibility Instructor


Den began training with us a few years ago now! She could barely do a front split on one leg... She is now one of the bendiest people EVER. It just goes to show that dedication and hard work pays off. We are super happy to have her as part of the team, she knows her stuff and continually updates her knowledge to make sure that her classes are up to date. She trains hard! But it shows! She's also extremely good at Pole and despite trying to convince her to teach pole she just sticks to being an awesome Flex Instructor. Den uses a variety of different stretching methods in her classes, you will not be bored!


Aerial Hoop Instructor


Clelia has been a student of ours for YONKS... She is one of the people who has been training with us for the longest. In 2016 she joined us on the instructor team. She teaches our Aerial Hoop classes but she is also qualified to teach Pole and often teaches some of our Hen/Birthday Parties too. Clelia is always looking to increase her knowledge. She is super strong and talented. She teaches a very balanced class, adding conditioning training into her Aerial Hoop classes means our students get a varied and balanced class. It also means our students not only train tricks up also build up their strength as well. Don't be too jealous of her 6pac Ab's... We're not.... Honest...


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